David Irvings Cannabis Passport. 1.25" Standard Rolling Papers

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Product description

This mini Passport is the worlds first smokable magazine complete with 100 hemp papers and soy printed filters. This is the ideal conversation starter while travelling and hanging out with your mates. Each issue will contain up to date information about the industry.

  • 100 rolling papers
  • 100 crutches
  • Perfect for use with Wacky Tacky glue (Stay hygienic) 
  • 1.25 inch papers

Cannabis Passport Rolling Papers are the only travel documents you need to reach far away places and new headspaces. You get 100 soy-based rolling papers all presented in a protective sleeve that resembles a passport, loaded with travel facts from the world of cannabis. It will give you something to ponder while you’re rolling those reliable joints with the slow, even burn. The next time you get the urge to roll, whether that be a joint or around the world, grab a pack of Cannabis Passport Papers for the trip!